Training and Support

Dedicated Teams to Support You

The training and support offered at StrataMax is with you all of the way. With over 50 people in StrataMax serving and supporting the strata industry, there is no other company who can boast this commitment.

Have you had the experience of buying software only to find that the training and support for it is minimal, or virtually non-existent? It's frustrating, to say the least – but you can be assured at StrataMax we are committed to your success, making training and support a central offering to our clients.The Training and Support teams are highly qualified individuals dedicated to helping you gain the most from your Strata Software.  This is why we are unmatched in the industry in supporting you and your business.

Our Support Team

Scott JullianScott Julian is the StrataMax Support Manager responsible for the day to day management of our support professionals who deliver support and resolutions to the users of the StrataMax suite of software.Scott has had a career spanning over 20 years in IT and support with well-known companies such as Microsoft and Telstra. His leadership and passion for customer service keeps our very talented support team focused on outstanding client outcomes.  

“We have an excellent team of support professionals, most of whom have years of relevant strata experience. With a large knowledgeable team we are able to handle the diversity of enquiries that come via both phone and email. Each support consultant takes pride in a job well done – which ultimately means satisfied customers.”

Our Training Environment

Technology is only as good as the users operating it and with this in mind our Training Department ensure you are skilled and proficient users. We have a dedicated team of StrataMax trainers who use a range of training techniques to help improve your knowledge and your skill levels.

Online Help

Search by topic, key word or click directly from within the software to launch the relevant page for your answers.

Free Live Training Sessions

Monthly schedules are distributed through email for our online training for which partiicipation is free. 

'How To' Video Library

Our extensive library includes topics for beginner to advanced users. 

Training Manuals

Our team are constantly updating the vast library of training manuals which cover every aspect of the system and include many best practice tips.

Online Training

We provide in-depth one on one training through our online tool that enables the trainer to share screens with you, the user.

Onsite Training

Where face to face training is required we provide onsite training which can be booked through the training department.

Our Training Team

Peter Humphries

Peter HumphriesPeter leads the StrataMax Training Team as Manager. Prior to StrataMax, Peter worked with ANZ National Bank in New Zealand. His roles included help-desk and IT support.

Peter is completely focused on meeting clients' needs, and providing effective training for staff of strata management offices. He is able to manage his dedicated team to ensure clients receive the most comprehensive training possible to create ease and confidence in using the software.

Cheryl Kelly

Cheryl Kelly

Cheryl holds a Diploma in Accounting and has worked in this field for many years including three years as Assistant to the Financial Controller with a local Body Corporate Management Company.

Cheryl joined StrataMax in 2005 and is now an invaluable member of the training team bringing great insight into the accounting modules of the program.

Lisa McCoustra

Lisa McCoustra

Lisa previously managed bookkeeping for several Body Corporate Management clients and has also worked within the industry as a Software Training Manager. 

With a financial and accounting background, plus 20 years in the industry, Lisa has exceptional knowledge of GLMax, BAS, Tax and the corporate requirements needed within the strata industry, making her an invaluable resource.

Jessica Carroll

Jessica Carroll

Jessica has come to the team as a previous user of the software in one of the largest Body Corporate Management companies in Queensland. Her expertise currently lies in setting up new plans, preparing documentation for gained/lost clients, and the Owners Portal, including DocMax and Customised Pages. Her end-user perspective gives a unique understanding to the diversity of what the software can offer.


We had 28 staff to prepare for our switch to StrataMax who were nervous about change. StrataMax provided us with all the tools necessary to get ourselves ready. From online training modules and videos to a great help menu and even a fully simulated training package that we were able to use right up to going live. Our staff became very skilled and efficient in the program in no time and continue to learn.”

Anthony Votano, Premier Strata Management.